October 01, 2016

New Paint Sets and New Warpaint Singles from Army Painter!

Release Date: December 2016

Wargames Hobby Starter Paint Set 2017

$29.99 SRP

The perfect Starter Paint set for any wargaming system. All the base colors you need for painting miniatures. In this set you will find 10 of the most needed colors—including one free quickshade wash that makes your miniatures come to life with a natural shading. The set even provides you with a brush to get you started!


  • 10 Warpaints (including one FREE Quickshade Wash)
  • 1 Hobby Highlighting Brush
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide

Warpaints Mega Paint Set 2017

$125.00 SRP

This fantastic and high value Mega Paint set includes the best possible quality paints, metallics and washes available today.

It has all the colors you need as well as one of the most popular hand-made wargaming brushes in the wargaming industry.

Some Warpaints have a Color Primer spray equivalent, and these paints are marked with the small logo: "100% MATCH". The Washes are a superb quality and also matches the Quickshade tones of the same name—giving you a perfect shading effect.

Warpaints have a creamy consistency and have been blessed with the best pigments available, making the range perfect for painting highly detailed miniatures. They are designed to blend well together enabling you to create any color variation possible as well as having a formulation superbly suited for thinning—for use with an airbrush.

  • 50 Warpaints
  • 39 Acrylic Warpaints
  • 5 Metallic Warpaints
  • 4 Quickshade Washes
  • 2 Effects Warpaints
  • 1 Triangular handled Regiment Brush
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide

Warpaints Complete Paint Set 2017 Ltd Ed

$350.00 SRP

The Complete Wargamers Paint Set includes every color from The Army Painters new fantastic range. As a serious Wargamer and painter you will get EVERYTHING in this box you will ever need in order to paint any type of army, No-matter the size of the miniatures or genre. The Warpaints are creamy and highly pigmented with astonishing blending capabilities, the washes cover perfect and the metallics are the absolutely best in the industry. There are also 9 Effect Paints for anything from Glistening Blood to Wet Mud, Dry Rust or Disgusting Slime! Furthermore—you will find gloss and matte varnishes as well as both Wash Medium and Warpaints Medium for thinning and blending colors to perfection. This set offers massive saving and even includes our five most popular Wargamer brushes absolutely free.


  • 124 Warpaints
  • 96 Acrylic Warpaints
  • 8 Metallic Warpaints
  • 11 Quickshade Washes
  • 9 Effects Warpaints
  • 5 Wargamer Brushes
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guides

-New Army Painter Warpaint Singles-
Item Description MSRP Pricing Release Date
AMYWP0011 Warpaints: Bright Gold (18ml./0.6Oz.) $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1143 Warpaints: Flesh Wash (18ml./0.6Oz.) $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1401 Warpaints: Abomination Gore (18ml./0.6Oz $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1402 Warpaints: Arid Earth (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1403 Warpaints: Babe Blonde (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1404 Warpaints: Banshee Brown (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1405 Warpaints: Basilisk Brown (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1406 Warpaints: Brainmatter Beige (18ml./0.6O $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1407 Warpaints: Castle Grey (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1408 Warpaints: Centaur Skin (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1409 Warpaints: Combat Fatigues (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1410 Warpaints: Commando Green (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1411 Warpaints: Corpse Pale (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1412 Warpaints: Crusted Sore (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1413 Warpaints: Crypt Wraith (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1414 Warpaints: Cultist Robe (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1415 Warpaints: Dark Sky (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1416 Warpaints: Dirt Spatter (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1417 Warpaints: Drake Tooth (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1418 Warpaints: Dungeon Grey (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1419 Warpaints: Elemental Bolt (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1420 Warpaints: Elf Green (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1421 Warpaints: Elven Flesh (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1422 Warpaints: Orc Blood (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1424 Warpaints: Filthy Cape (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1425 Warpaints: Dark Stone (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1426 Warpaints: Fire Lizard (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1427 Warpaints: Fog Grey (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1428 Warpaints: Gorgon Hide (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1429 Warpaints: Griffon Blue (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1430 Warpaints: Hardened Carapace (18ml/.6Oz) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1431 Warpaints: Hemp Rope (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1432 Warpaints: Ice Storm (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1433 Warpaints: Jungle Green (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1434 Warpaints: Kobold Skin (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1435 Warpaints: Kraken Skin (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1436 Warpaints: Mars Red (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1437 Warpaints: Toxic Mist (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1438 Warpaints: Moon Dust (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1439 Warpaints: Mouldy Clothes (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1440 Warpaints: Mummy Robes (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1441 Warpaints: Mutant Hue (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1442 Warpaints: Mythical Orange (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1443 Warpaints: Necro. Cloak (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1444 Warpaints: Grimoire Purple (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1445 Warpaints: Oozing Purple (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1446 Warpaints: Phoenix Flames (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1447 Warpaints: Pixie Pink (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1448 Warpaints: Poisonous Cloud (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1449 Warpaints: Royal Cloak (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1450 Warpaints: Scaly Hide (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1451 Warpaints: Warlock Purple (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1452 Warpaints: Voidshield Blue (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1453 Warpaints: Snake Scales (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1454 Warpaints: Spaceship Exterior (18ml./0.6 $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1455 Warpaints: Stone Colem (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1456 Warpaints: Sulfide Ochre (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1457 Warpaints: Toxic Boils (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1458 Warpaints: Troglodyte Blue (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1459 Warpaints: Troll Claws (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1460 Warpaints: Vampire Red (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1461 Warpaints: Venom Wyrm (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1462 Warpaints: Viking Blue (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1463 Warpaints: Wasteland Soil (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1464 Warpaints: Werewolf Fur (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1465 Warpaints: Witch Brew (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1466 Warpaints: Wizards Orb (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1467 Warpaints: True Copper (18ml./0.6Oz.) $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1468 Warpaints: Rough Iron (18ml./0.6Oz.) $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1469 Warpaints: Mid Brown (18ml./0.6Oz.) $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1470 Warpaints: Light Tone (18ml./0.6Oz.) $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1471 Warpaints: Military Shader (18ml./0.6Oz. $3.25 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1472 Warpaints: Brush-On Primer (18ml./0.6Oz. $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1473 Warpaints: Gloss Varnish (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1474 Warpaints: Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1475 Warpaints: Warpaints Mixing Medium (18ml $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1476 Warpaints: Glistening Blood (18ml./0.6Oz $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1477 Warpaints: Disgusting Slime (18ml./0.6Oz $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1478 Warpaints: Wet Mud (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1479 Warpaints: Dry Rust (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1480 Warpaints: Scar Tissue (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S
AMYWP1481 Warpaints: Field Grey (18ml./0.6Oz.) $2.99 SDI 12/00/16 S

from ACD Distribution Newsline http://ift.tt/2dkRCb6


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