August 12, 2016

Halo: Ground Command Shipping Update


HGC_Logo_580Here is an update on the shipping status of Halo: Ground Command, our latest game in the iconic Halo universe.

Let us start by saying that if you are amongst those customers who are waiting to receive a product you have ordered, we’re sorry that you haven’t received it yet.  We’re really sorry – we’re as keen as you are to get it into your hands and for you to enjoy the game as much as we hope you will.

Have there been major problems?

No, absolutely not.  The game has proved very popular already and order rates are high so it is taking longer than we hoped to meet demand.  As with any manufacturing process, particularly for a new product line, there have been one or two hiccups but the most major of these took less than 48 hours to resolve so please be assured that there are no major production issues.  Just one or two minor issues that have been resolved but are frustrating when there is such high demand.

Have you shipped anything?

Yes, lots.  Over 40% of the Halo: Ground Command that was ordered at launch has already shipped.  We have allocated stock amongst customers who have ordered direct, Distributors and Retailers broadly in the sequence they ordered the product and, in the case of Distributors and Retailers, provided a proportion of their order.  We know that everyone wants to be at the top of the priority queue and we’re sorry there has to be a queue at all, but we think this is the fairest way to allocate stock.  Customers who order directly from us are important to us, but so are Local Gaming Stores and other Retailers so we try to be as fair to everyone as we can be.

When will I get the product I ordered?

That’s a perfectly fair question, but the answer depends on when and how you purchased your product.

If you ordered from a Local Gaming Store or online Retailer then they will need to advise you.  You may be aware that most Stores/Retailers purchase, not from Spartan Games, but from Distributors.  As a result we have no visibility of whether or not a Retailer has ordered product.  If they let you know that they buy direct from us, we’re happy to tell them when their order is scheduled for dispatch.  Whilst we know which Distributors we supply to, we don’t know which Local Gaming Stores they supply to or what their timetable for that is.  We are hearing stories of Retailers who are not expecting product until the middle of next month and others who have already received theirs so availability can vary.

If you ordered directly from our online store and would like to know the scheduled delivery date, please email  As you can imagine, it would be difficult to tell you the scheduled date for each of our online orders here, so if you would like an update, please do get in touch.  If you are ordering for a specific date such as a birthday, let us know and we’ll tell you whether your product will be there in time.

If we can’t meet your deadline, please let us know so we can refund your order and you can look elsewhere.  Refunds (or credits for our online store) are always available if the order doesn’t meet your requirements.

How long is this going to take?

As short a time as it possibly can!  Current production schedules forecast that we will have shipped everything that has currently been ordered within the next 4 weeks.  We are working to increase our output so that this can be sooner.

We have thoroughly enjoyed showing Halo: Ground Command to many of you in recent weeks and months and we’re delighted to hear that you like what you see.  Please be assured that we’re doing everything we can to make sure that we get it into your hands so that many hours of great gaming can begin.

We have exciting plans to support the new game with expansion products, more iconic models from the Halo Universe, and organised play activities around the world.  We look forward to you joining the community of Halo: Ground Command players as soon as possible.

from Spartan Games


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