May 10, 2016

2016 Mexican National Championships


This year’s Mexican National Championship was hosted by Gamers’ Events, MX in Mexico City, Mexico!

We’d like to congratulate those who emerged as the winners of the 2016 WizKids Mexican National Championships.  All winners of this event have earned their seat for the upcoming 2016 WizKids World Championships held at Origins Game Fair.

For details about the event, visit:

2016 HeroClix Mexican National Championships 

José Rodrigo Rosales Guerrero
1st Place

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Iván Bollo Jiménez
2nd Place

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Oscar Maldonado
3rd Place

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Ignacio Torres R
4th Place

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Cristiam A. Padilla
5th Place

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2016 Dice Masters Mexican National Championships 

Victor Maya Cárdenas
1st Place

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Gustavo Malagón
2nd Place

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Ulises Ruíz
3rd Place

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2016 D&D Attack Wing Mexican National Championships 

Leonardo Adrián García Ramos
1st Place

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2016 Star Trek Attack Wing Mexican National Championships 

Fernando Hernández Sánchez
1st Place

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