November 12, 2015

Heroes & Commanders


We are hugely excited to announce our latest Halo Heroic Character and Fleet Commander Busts are getting closer to being finished. Right now we are showing you Covenant Xytan ‘Jar Watinree and the Minister of Etiology. For the UNSC we have Lord Hood, with the elusive Cortana coming very soon to your screens – we’re thrilled to be working on a version of the Artificial Intelligence based on a fusion of the stunning new Halo 5 imagery and her Halo 4 holographic bodysuit.


Let’s find out a little more about our Heroic Characters and Fleet Commanders as written by the Grimbrother One on the Halo Waypoint website:

XYTAN ‘JAR WATTINREE – Fleet Commander: Though he would meet an untimely end during the Great Schism, Xytan’s genius for war and his surviving battle recordings continue to instruct new generations of Sangheili Shipmasters serving with both Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant and the Arbiter’s Swords of Sanghelios. While Xytan was not present at the Fall of Reach itself, his brilliance combined with the audacity of Supreme Commander Thel ‘Vadamee would have made for a devastating combination during that battle.”

Gameplay: Design intent for this cunning Covenant commander was to represent a dagger-like tactical genius. In Halo: Fleet Battles we modelled his unique command style with orders that allow him to automatically seize initiative at key junctures of the battle and constantly throw his enemies plans into disarray.


MINISTER OF ETIOLOGY – Heroic Character: Assigned to Thel ‘Vadamee’s Fleet of Particular Justice as master of the support ship Infinite Succor, this ambitious Legate would eventually meet his end fighting the very threat he had spent much of his life studying – the Flood.

Gameplay: This was a fun card to help design! In addition to adding dice to the Fleet Commander’s command pool, the Minister can pull rank to adjust results to his (no doubt selfish) goals and ensure that he’s alive to reap the benefits by ordering Shipmasters to maneuver into enemy attacks meant for him! That’s important because unlike Fleet Commanders, who are represented as an off-board presence, the Minister of Etiology is a Heroic Character who must be assigned to a specific ship in a fleet!


LORD HOOD – Fleet Commander: It was Hood’s indefatigable leadership during the Covenant War that allowed the Navy to survive as a fighting force against impossible odds, and every captain who survived can tell a story of the Fleet Admiral appearing at crucial moments to inspire the forces or make seemingly prescient strategic adjustments on which the fate of entire campaigns hinged.

Gameplay: As befits his responsibilities and role, Fleet Admiral Hood has abilities that augment overall fleet efficiency. From a fiction perspective it was crucial that he felt ‘detached’ from the fate of individual ships as a function of being responsible for the UNSC Navy as a whole; his actions in Halo: Fleet Battles represent carefully-calculated plans and measured attention to detail rather than micro-managing ship captains or even being directly aware of events at the relatively small scale of a fleet skirmish.


The busts will be coming in packs, one for each faction, and are designed to fit into a Halo stylised base unit that also houses their dice. Whilst not critical for a gamer to own, these highly detailed replicas have been designed and sculpted with the assistance of 343 Industries to be highly accurate and most certainly add a level of flair to a tabletop battle. They even look great just sitting on your desk!

The bust of Xytan is designed to show the physical impact of this Sanghelli – just as he intimidates his opponents in a battle we wanted his presence in a physical form to have impact! The Minister is a model we are very pleased with, the accentuated curves of this somewhat devious character gave us a few design headaches, but we’re pleased to report the final result is exactly what we wanted. As to Lord Hood, well this chap is solid and sturdy, just like his in-game character. The epitome of UNSC precision.

from Spartan Games


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