November 20, 2015

Black Friday has come early


Welcome to the Spartan Games blowout sale! We were so excited by our Black Friday sales ideas that we couldn’t wait to share them with you… so we didn’t!


Halo: Fleet Battles Army Deals

Halo: Fleet Battles is the newest product to join the ranks of games from Spartan Games and not wanting to let you miss out on some explosive deals, we’ve let the game creators come up with a deal that any would-be UNSC or Covenant commander will love. We’ve taken a Fleet Box, Commander Box, Core Upgrade Box, Heavy Upgrade Box and Dice blister and rolled it into a truly amazing £95 bundle. And if that’s not enough, we’ll also include in your order a £10 voucher you can redeem against a Carrier Box of your choice! This ultimate bundle is limited to the first 100 lucky Fleet Commanders!

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40% OFF Dystopian Wars Battle Groups

Let’s take a look at Dystopian Wars where we’ve taken every Naval, Armoured and Aerial Battle Group for our core seven nations and hacked a whopping 40% OFF each box. So if you’ve been thinking about starting a new faction, or just want more cool models to use in your games this deal is perfect for you.

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40% OFF Firestorm Armada Patrol Fleets

With Firestorm Armada we’re using the same discount, but this time it applies to every Patrol Fleet we make for our exciting space combat game. The ideal way to either start playing, expand your existing fleets or add a new Kurak or Zenian faction.

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FREE 2nd Core Helix with new Firestorm Planetfall offer

Every great sci-fi force needs a solid core, and with our 10mm scale Planetfall massed battle game we’ve put a deal together that makes it insanely easy to build a magnificent fighting force. Buy a Core Helix, Recon Helix and awesome Leviathan Helix package and we’ll throw in a second Core Helix for FREE. The sum total of these four Helixes makes for a most impressive sight on the battlefield. So don’t hang about Commanders, grab your deal today.

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40% OFF Two Player Battle Boxes

Two Player boxed sets are a fantastic way of getting into any of our exciting games. So we have took ALL of our starter boxes and removed 40% OFF their price, amplifying the already great savings you make with them. These deals are limited to 50 of each Two Player Battle Box. Get your box today and welcome to the action-packed world of Spartan Games.


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