September 16, 2015

The Tokens of Battle for Zendikar


Battle for Zendikar previews are nearly over (the full set will be revealed this Friday!), which means you're starting to get a sense of the set, the art, the story, and just how the battle for Zendikar will shake out.

It also means I get to show you some tokens today! And by some, I mean all of the tokens.

There are eleven tokens with Battle for Zendikar, plus three emblems from the planeswalkers you already know and love. Let's start there, with the cards that create them nearby for reference:

Speaking of Kiora, the ability that creates her emblem also happens to churn out three of these beauties:

Next up we have three different kinds of Eldrazi Scion tokens, all looking creepy as can be.

You'll notice that the Scion collector numbering starts at 2. What could possibly be in the first slot? Oh yeah, this guy:

Next up we have a few white tokens. . .

And a few red ones. . .

And a green one. . .

And even a red AND green one!

That's all of them! You can get your hands on these tokens—not to mention the rest of the set—when Battle for Zendikar releases October 2. Or you can get a head-start beginning with the Prerelease on September 26!

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