September 15, 2015



Things are bad for the Zendikari. Real bad. Not that many would be doing well in the face of Ulamog's ceaseless hunger. The Eldrazi hordes have the people (and Vampires, and Merfolk, and Kor. . .) on their back heels, retreating here and there.

In fact, we've already seen two of the heres and theres they've been retreating to: Emeria and Kazandu.

But things are bad all over Zendikar, and for every color of mana. How could any be safe when the threat is completely devoid of color? In fact, there's quite a bit of retreating going on:

Each card in the cycle has a landfall trigger and a choice, and will likely help to define the Limited environment—but will any of it be enough to survive against the Eldrazi threat?

With all of this retreating, the outlook doesn't look great.



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