August 13, 2015

The New Art of FTV: Angels


Earlier this week we showed you all of the cards found in the upcoming From the Vault: Angels that releases August 21, and Angel fans the world over rejoiced.

While all of the art in the set is gorgeous, only five of the pieces are unique to From the Vault—and all five get the spotlight today.

First up, a classic given a face-lift. We think. We can't actually see its face.

Exalted Angel

Color: White creature
Location: A night sky in front of a full moon
Action: Show an Angel with large feathered wings. The Angel is dressed in long, flowing robes and her face is covered by a veil of the same material. She carries a sword in each hand, and the swords glow with golden light.
Focus: The Angel
Mood: A mysterious Angel with mystical power

Next up is a favorite reanimation target that also hearkens back to Zendikar, the plane to which we're about to return.

Iona, Shield of Emeria

Color: White creature
Location: A Zendikar landscape that has been transformed by the Eldrazi
Action: Show an updated version of the super-powerful, six-winged Angel. She's gargantuan, even for an Archangel. She has an ominous holy aura, and there is no halo across her eyes. Her pupil-less eyes glow white. Show her hovering above a landscape that has been decimated by an Eldrazi titan. We see hedrons floating in the sky, but they too have been affected by the presence of the titan. We can still see their distinctive shape, but they are fractured and "dried out," just like the land.
Focus: The angelic colossus
Mood: So majestic and awe-inspiring, mortals might have to avert their eyes

Many players have pointed to the next angel as their favorite art in the set, and it's easy to see why.

Iridescent Angel

Color: White creature
Location: In the sky above a battlefield
Action: Show an Angel in the middle of a dazzling sunburst of light. She is wearing plate armor and carries a shining axe. At the edges of the sunburst, we see a kaleidoscope of colors. On the ground below, we can see silhouettes of enemies who dared attack her recoiling in fear as they are engulfed in the rays of light.
Focus: The Angel
Mood: My enemies cower before me!

Last, but certainly not least, are the two Akromas—of Wrath and of Fury—ready to dominate battlefields and send enemies fleeing.

Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Akroma, Angel of Fury

Color: White creature
Location: Your choice
Action: Show Akroma as an alabaster-skinned, indigo-haired champion of law and righteousness. She is the righteous advocate of justice. Show her in the sky over a battlefield. The camera directly in front of her as she approaches fearlessly, leading her troops into the fray. In the background, we can see legions of Knights riding behind her, willing to follow her to their deaths.
Focus: Akroma
Mood: An awe-inspiring leader of armies
Notes: In the story, Akroma rallied armies to follow her. She is meant to inspire and empower her followers. She is a stern leader and is driven to protect people, sometimes even from themselves. [/MV text]

Color: Red creature
Location: In the night sky
Action: Show Akroma as a fiery Angel of vengeance. Hovering in the night sky, she holds a flaming sword above her head. Beams of reddish light stream from the sword, illuminating the dark horizon. This is an "alternate universe" version of the white-aligned Akroma. She is like a natural disaster soaring through the skies, sowing destruction and chaos in her wake. Red-aligned Akroma is unpredictable, savage, and callous.
Focus: Akroma
Mood: Ruthless and vengeful

From the Vault: Angels releases August 21. Check with a store near you for more information about how you can get your copy.


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