August 13, 2015

Standard Jund Dredge


Graveyard-based decks have been increasing in popularity since the release of Magic Origins. Most of these decks use Rally the Ancestors and take advantage of the new sacrifice outlet, Nantuko Husk. The deck we're looking at today is also a graveyard deck, but it uses a different suite of cards from what we're used to seeing.

This Jund deck was piloted by Luke Mulcahey to a 33rd-place finish at Pro Tour Magic Origins.I called this deck "Dredge" because it's trying to go all-in with self-mill. Commune with the Gods, Gather the Pack, and Satyr Wayfinder are the spells Luke used to fill up his graveyard. These cards allowed him to cast an early delve creature such as Gurmag Angler or Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Flamewake Phoenix is a card that hasn't seen much play in Standard, but it definitely fits well in this deck. With all the milling that Luke is doing, Flamewake Phoenix won't be cast for his mana cost very often. Luke also has a reasonable Plan B of playing a more midrange game. Larger creatures like Dragons and Reaper of the Wilds can help close out a game if the early creatures have been dealt with.

Languish is a very important card in this deck. This deck uses the early game to set up, so you'll need Languish if you're ever going to survive an early assault from a red deck. Every creature in the deck can survive Languish except for Flamewake Phoenix, which can easily be returned to play if it's swept away.

This is a very cool take on self-mill, because while it wants to get a lot of cards in its graveyard, it's not doing any actual reanimating. Instead, it's using the cards for mana to fuel delve spells. It's pretty clear that delve is a very strong ability, and this deck proves just how powerful the strategy can be.

Luke Mulcahey's Jund Dredge

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