August 14, 2015

Standard Green-White Starfield


Today's deck is a sweet enchantment brew that uses the new Magic Origins card Starfield of Nyx, as well as the reprinted Sigil of the Empty Throne. This was Kyle Boggemes's weapon of choice at Pro Tour Magic Origins, and he earned a very respectable 31st-place finish with it.

This deck's plan is to control the board with enchantments such as Banishing Light and Silkwrap while gaining card advantage with Kruphix's Insight, Eidolon of Blossoms, and Courser of Kruphix. You will go through your deck quickly and eventually find one of your win conditions—either Starfield of Nyx or Sigil of the Empty Throne. Starfield of Nyx will usually allow you to win the game on the spot, as all of your enchantments will "wake up" and be able to attack. Sigil of the Empty Throne will take a little longer to win for you, but the win is usually inevitable.

Even if your win conditions are dealt with, it's really easy to set up another win once you have your engine going. This deck just draws so many cards and gains so much extra mana through Frontier Siege and Herald of the Pantheon that you'll be able to deploy more threats quickly. Green-White Starfield plays out very much like the Enchantress decks of the past, in that it takes a while to get going—but once you're going, there isn't much that can stop you.

Green-White Starfield is very well-positioned in Standard right now. The deck is pretty hard to hate out, as you would have to devote sideboard slots for it that are terrible in other matchups. For example, Back to Nature is game over against this deck, but it's an extremely narrow sideboard card and it's much more likely that people will play Reclamation Sage (a much less devastating card) instead if they want to hate out enchantments.

Kyle Boggemes's Green-White Starfield

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