August 05, 2015

Join the Magic Extra Life Team!


Magic: The Gathering is participating in the inaugural Extra Life Tabletop Apreciation Weekend! As usual, Dungeons & Dragons did it first. They're like the Simpsons that way. Every year, the D&D team runs a sweet 24-hour Extra Life livestream hosted by Greg Bilsland, resulting in tens of thousands of charity dollars benefitting the Children's Miracle Network.

Magic might be the new kid on the block here, but we still plan to leave our good D&D friends in the dust. That's where you come in.


We will, collectively, play Magic. Lots of Magic. A goal of $75,000 has been set, with some very exciting donation rewards! However you choose to play and support the Magic team, the donations you receive will bring everyone closer to achieving that $75,000 goal.


Extra Life's Tabletop Weekend is October 2–4. We'll run a 24-hour stream from the Wizards of the Coast headquarters, beginning the morning of Saturday, October 3, and concluding the morning of Sunday, October 4. The stream will be broadcast on We'll invite special guests to play Magic formats they've never heard of . . . because they don't exist yet! Think of it as the first official Magic: The Gathering variety show. Tune in and play along with us!


Join our Extra Life team! Anyone can do it. Set up your own Magic playgroup at home and play along with us. All the donations you generate will count towards the Magic team goal, whether you're playing face-to-face Magic: The Gathering, Magic Online, or the recently released (and free) Magic Duels: Origins. To sum up that win-win scenario for you, you'll help benefit sick kids by playing the coolest game in the Multiverse with your friends!

Here's how to sign up:

  • Join Extra Life and set a personal donation goal.
  • When creating your Extra Life account, choose "Join a Team" and select "Magic: The Gathering."
  • Complete the remaining steps for creating an account.
  • Customize your page, throw a cool image on there, tell people why you're excited to play Magic over Tabletop Appreciation Weekend.
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends when you'll be playing, and get them to join our team! ALL WILL BE ONE!


Want to organize your own group? After you've joined our Extra Life team, take the following extra steps:

  • Reach out to your fellow Planeswalkers either online or in real life. Link them to this article and help them through the steps to sign up.
  • Customize your page and share it with your friends. Get a Facebook group going and start inviting people. Pledge to eat an entire pie if people donate to the team. Make a Chain Veil out of tin foil and tell your Twitter friends you'll unleash imps upon them if they don't donate. All these things are good ideas.
  • Create a schedule. None of the above things will work if people don't know when you're doing it. You don't have to play for 24 hours straight like we are. Every bit of participation helps spread the excitement!
  • Join the Extra Life Tabletop Event on Facebook to promote your event to others and share your success.


Coming soon. We have some really special stuff in the works, so keep an eye on the team page for updates as we get closer to Tabletop Appreciation Weekend. The rewards will vary based on the donation amounts.


See the Extra Life FAQ or contact me on Twitter.

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