August 12, 2015

Hints of Nissa


We first met Nissa back in the original Zendikar block. Most recently, we got to know her quite well in Magic Origins. In between, though, Nissa was rather shy, only showing up on a handful of cards. However, Nissa's presence was seen through flavor text and in other, subtler ways. Let's take a look at some cards that felt Nissa's touch!

Nissa's words appear on Boundless Realms, a fitting card that searches up lands (very appropriate to our Worldwaker Animist) and also hints at the vastness of the Multiverse.

The first iteration of Nissa summoned Nissa's Chosen from a player's library. Little did we know, someone had a vendetta against Nissa's Chosen.

Nissa seems to have a long-running animosity towards the vampires of Zendikar. From the original Zendikar block all the way to Magic Origins, Nissa has been defeating vampires for a while now.

Check out all of Nissa's story, past and present. Then give Magic Duels a go and play through her story yourself!

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