July 21, 2015

The Scattered Memories of Jace


Jace was one of the first Planeswalkers introduced in Magic. He has featured prominently in many of the notable stories of Magic's Multiverse, and also has featured prominently in many notable pieces of Magic art. With Origins, we learn even more about Jace's past and his home plane.

Check out some of our favorite snapshots and memories of Jace through the years below!

Fact or Fiction | Art by Matt Cavotta

This iconic card from Magic's history got a Jace-over in the Jace vs Chandra Duel Decks. Its flavor text also didn't do anything to help Jace seem like less of an arrogant memory-stealing poopy head.

Omniscience | Art by Jason Chan

This beautiful piece features Jace at an abstracted crossroads, and features a rare quote that actually is a bit humble. (Sorta. Almost.)

Jace's Mindseeker | Art by Greg Staples

Jace isn't just a telepath. Here we see Jace showcasing his mastery of illusion magic.

Lay Bare | Art by Chippy

Jace has been to many planes in the Multiverse, including Zendikar—where, apparently, he has confronted Eldrazi spawn.

Can't get enough of Jace? Curious what he was up to before he became the Living Guildpact and Mind Sculptor we love today? Jace is featured prominently on many great new cards in Magic Origins, available now!

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