July 15, 2015

Standard Goblins


The release of Origins is days away, and one of the cards I'm most excited to build a deck with is Goblin Piledriver. Goblin Piledriver and I have had lots of fun over the years, and while its power level has certainly gone down since its Onslaught days, there are plenty of Goblins around in both Standard and Modern to make this card shine in those formats.

Goblin Piledriver | Art by Matt Cavotta

The last SCG Standard Open was a few weeks ago in Baltimore. When I was looking at the Top 8 decklists, I was reasonably certain that I wouldn't find anything new. Everyone is thinking about Origins and is already brewing ideas for the new cards, so building new decks in a format that's about to change doesn't make much sense. To my surprise, I did stumble across a new deck—in the 6th place list from Bobby Birmingham. The list looks pretty similar to any other Mono-red Aggro deck, but it does have one theme going on: Almost every creature in the deck is a Goblin.

This deck is a great baseline for a Goblin deck with Goblin Piledriver going forward. While Monastery Swiftspear is good, it doesn't fit the theme; I'd be more than happy to swap it out for the Piledriver. I also considered Subterranean Scout. Not only is it a Goblin, but it can target the Piledriver before it attacks and gets pumped.

Obelisk of Urd is my favorite card in this deck. It can be cast as early as turn three, and the +2/+2 to all of your creatures is really hard to beat. Hordeling Outburst suddenly becomes 9 power for three mana! This card hasn't gotten much love in Standard since it was printed a year ago, but Obelisk is a very powerful card in a token-style deck, due to its potential to be cast for as little as zero mana.

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