July 17, 2015

Modern White-Blue Titan


Today's Daily Deck is a really cool take on white-blue. On the surface, this deck looks like a cross between White-Blue Control and Death and Taxes. There's some creature control with Detention Sphere and Path to Exile, and great utility creatures such as Wall of Omens and Flickerwisp. But if you take a closer look, what this deck is actually trying to do is gain tons of value with Sun Titan.

Every non-land permanent in the deck does something cool when it enters or leaves the battlefield, so they're all desirable targets for Sun Titan's enters-the-battlefield and attack triggers. If you need to remove a creature, get a Detention Sphere or Æther Spellbomb. If you want a land, grab a Pilgrim's Eye. If you're low on life, return a Lone Missionary. Even some of the lands have utility. Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge can destroy your opponent's lands and then return to play to be used again.

One great thing about this deck is it just never runs out of Sun Titans. Not only are there four in the deck, but there are lots of ways to retrigger them. Flickerwisp can exile it and return it to the battlefield, and if things go wrong and your Titan dies, Emeria, the Sky Ruin can bring it right back. It may seem like a long shot that Emeria, the Sky Ruin will trigger, but with four Pilgrim's Eyes and tons of control, games will go pretty long and you will hit your land drops. This deck brings a lot of inevitability.

Overall, White-Blue Titan has lots of interesting choices to make at all points of the game. Most of those choices revolve around which permanent to return to the battlefield with Sun Titan—but regardless, the choices will definitely test your skill. As someone who's seen the deck in action, I can tell you that the deck is tons of fun to play.

Loveisgreen's White-Blue Titan

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