July 07, 2015

Ken Nagle's Norritt


Today's origin story deck belongs to Ken Nagle, a Senior Game Designer in Magic R&D. Ken started working at Wizards back in 2006, after earning a design internship by being a finalist in the Great Designer Search. Ken was eventually hired full-time after the internship and has been going strong ever since. He has led over a half-dozen design teams and is mostly known for his love of the Magic card Norritt.

Ahh, Norritt, a four-mana 1/1 black creature that can untap blue creatures and force creatures to attack. Whatever you do, don't show this card to Mark Rosewater. There are way too many color pie issues with this little guy.

Ken's first deck was a blue-black creature deck built around—you guessed it—Norritt. Ken was in awe when he realized that he could untap his blue creatures with this black creature, and he quickly built a deck around this sweet card. This deck has some fun combos built into it. You can untap your blue creatures that have sweet activated ablitities! Zuran Spellcaster and Reveka, Wizard Savant are your main ways to deal damage, while Skeleton Ship and Time Elemental can take care of your opponent's creatures.

In addition to the one-of restricted cards like Sol Ring and Jester's Cap, there's also a copy of some of the more powerful creatures like Mahamoti Djinn and Nebuchadnezzar. Boy, creatures sure have come a long way over the years!

Ken still owns his first deck and actually brought in into work to show me, Revised basic lands and all! The deck looks super fun to play. I'm not too sure how he did with it against other decks that were popular back then, like Necropotence, but any deck built around this cute little Norritt is okay by me.

Ken Nagle's Norritt

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