July 01, 2015

James Sooy's Black-Red Land Destruction


Today we are continuing our origin stories with James Sooy. James is a Digital Designer in Magic R&D. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and has been with Wizards since 2007. When James was growing up he played a lot of Magic with his twin brother, David. David only had one deck, and any time he got a new card he would immediately trade it away to make his deck more powerful.

The goal of this deck is to destroy all of your opponent's lands so they are unable to play spells. Eventually they will have a huge hand of spells they are unable to cast and they will lose to either Black Vise or Underworld Dreams. This deck utilizes one of the most frustrating combos to play against: Wheel of Fortune and Underworld Dreams. When you cast Wheel with Underworld Dreams in play, you deal a whopping 7 points of damage to the opponent. Combined with Lightning Bolts, Chain Lightnings, and simply drawing a card and taking 1 every turn, it won't be long before your opponent is finished off.

To make things even more infuriating, four Will-o'-the-Wisps—nearly all of the deck's creatures—were capable of stopping almost any creature thrown David's way. And Will-o'-the-Wisp can't even attack (well not effectively)!

Since this was David's only deck, James had to play against it every single time they played Magic! James was usually playing a Thallid tribal deck that splashed for the Channel and Fireball combo, but these little creatures were no match for the powerful Land Destruction deck, especially when David was also running Earthquake! In James's words: "I played against it over and over. It taught me patience . . . and I hated it."

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