July 02, 2015

Glen Jones's Enchantress


Today's deck is from one of my favorite Constructed formats, from a time when the original Alpha dual lands were legal in the format—Extended. Powerful combo decks like Illusions-Donate, Full English Breakfast, and Oath of Druids ran rampant during that time, but Glenn Jones, a Florida native and now a member of R&D's editing team, chose to play Enchantress.

"I played this deck (or something really close!) into my first competitive Top 8 finish. And in many ways that experience hooked me on Magic for life. I mostly played Mono-Green Enchantress and did poorly; the popular decks in Florida were very powerful combo decks. Before driving to Orlando for a larger event, my friend Jeremiah and I went looking through his "Enchantments" box for new ideas—I stumbled upon Back to Basics. My mana accelerants let me threaten to cast a hoser as early as turn two. And with no mana and no blockers, most of my opponents couldn't fend off Yavimaya Enchantress…or anything wearing an Ancestral Mask."

Ancestral Mask and Rancor are great Magic cards that are mediocre on their own but very powerful in the right deck. Furthermore, creatures were much worse back then and creature removal was pretty scarce. Once Enchantress gets going, it becomes surprisingly difficult to deal with a 42/40 trampling Yavimaya Enchantress.

These days, Enchantress still exists in Legacy but it's a much different deck. In Legacy, creatures rule the format and removal is played in every deck. Yavimaya Enchantress and Ancestral Mask are just not viable options for winning, so Legacy Enchantress is more like a slower combo deck with win conditions like Sigil of the Empty Throne or Words of Wind. Most Legacy decks have just enough disruption to stop Enchantress from getting off the ground, and Argothian Enchantress is much easier to deal with than it was fifteen years ago. The deck is still a blast to play, and I still get pretty excited whenever I see an Enchantress deck at the top of the standings.

Glenn Jones’s Enchantress

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