July 29, 2015

Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi Packaging


A few months back we announced Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi, and the speculation, she did run rampant. We already knew we would be heading back to Zendikar in Battle for Zendikar, but these fall Duel Decks always contain some kind of preview of the new set. Would we get some cool new Zendikari as the first look at the new set? Or would a monstrous Eldrazi stare at you from the front of the packaging?

Wonder no more.

I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor. Let's take a closer look at the cards that will be peeking out from shelves come August 28.

If Zendikar is to be avenged, there is no better than this green, token-spewing Elemental, and with gorgeous new art peeking out from the packaging, you'll be sure to want to pick one—or four—of these up.

Now, as you may or may not know, Avenger of Zendikar fills one of the reprint slots in the Duel Deck, which means it isn't (necessarily) coming back and it isn't legal for Standard play. However, the monster staring back at the Avenger is most certainly new, and will be Standard legal when Battle for Zendikar is released. I give you, Oblivion Sower:

We've still got a ways 'till Battle for Zendikar releases (heck, there's this little thing called Pro Tour Magic Origins this weekend), but feel free to get excited. Feel free to get very excited. Only 30 more days until you can hold one of these in your hand. . . .

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