July 08, 2015

Bryan Hawley's Trained Orgg Aggro


Magic Developer Bryan Hawley picked up Magic back in 1999. Young Bryan would save up the allowance money he earned from doing chores and head down to the game-and-puzzle store at the local mall with his mom. There he would buy a couple of booster packs or a tournament deck every week or so.

His first ever Magic purchase, however, was a Starter 1999 2-Player Gift Box. Included with his purchase were two decks, a rulebook, and a VHS instructional video that taught you how to play. Bryan and his mom learned how to play Magic using this gift box, and they played at their kitchen table for the better part of a year. Eventually, Bryan taught his two best friends, Chris and Alec, how to play, and they continued the pattern of buying packs every week or so to improve their decks.

Bryan's "deck" was a five-color monstrosity, consisting of almost every card he owned. Of course, he had to cut his deck down to only 100 cards, because that's how many sleeves he had. He finally settled on this Jund Aggro deck, containing mostly cards from that same Starter 1999 box. Bryan continued to play his favorite deck for a while, and then finally delved into competitive Magic around Time Spiral. From there, he qualified for a few Pro Tours and eventually landed a job at Wizards as a developer in R&D.

Here's Bryan's 40-card Trained Orgg Aggro deck. Back during this time, while the rules did require a 60-card minimum decklist for Constructed, learn-to-play products recommended only 40 cards. Bryan actually still owns his first deck card-for-card. It's sitting on his desk at work, just waiting to be played.

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