July 28, 2015

Art of Liliana: Healer to Necromancer


Liliana, Defiant Necromancer | Art by Karla Ortiz

Liliana is quite an old Planeswalker—in all senses of the word. She is centuries old and still going strong thanks to her pact with four demons, and she was also one of the first Planeswalker cards in Magic, debuting in Lorwyn. If you think about it, Liliana is kind of like the grandma of the five Origins Planeswalkers.

. . . if grandmothers raised armies of zombies and cast spells of death and destruction, that is.

Long, long ago, on the plane of Dominaria, there once was a young healer who found herself curious about powerful and dangerous spells . . .

Demonic Tutor | Art by Scott Chou

Centuries passed as Liliana grew in power . . . and in age. However, Liliana bargained with dark forces and she regained her beauty and youth when the demon Kothophed carved the demonic pact onto Liliana's skin.

Snuff Out | Art by Steve Argyle

Liliana's mastery of dark spells allows her to kill with ease. . .

Killing Wave | Art by Steve Argyle

. . .like, lots of killing. Lots of ease.

Rise of the Dark Realms | Art by Michael Komarck

All hail Liliana.

You can check out Liliana's Origin story to learn about her past, or catch up with her to see what she and Jace are up to.

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