June 11, 2015

The Ten Planes of Origins Quiz


How well do you know your way around the Multiverse? Magic Origins features ten planes—the plane of origin for five Planeswalkers, and the first plane each planeswalked to. Can you identify the planes from these descriptions? (Bonus points if you can also match the planes to the Planeswalkers!)

  1. The denizens here are ruled by a pantheon of gods.
  2. This plane witnessed many cataclysms and nigh apocalypses, and was the epicenter of planar rifts.
  3. This plane alternates between sunny utopia and shadowy dusk and gloom.
  4. This plane is an ecumenopolis—a world covered entirely by one city.
  5. This plane is home to inventors of fantastic machines.
  6. Even though a great angel was restored, humanity continues to battle the horrors of the night on this plane.
  7. Little is known of this plane, other than that it is home to a keep guarded by monks.
  8. This plane, known for its wild, primal mana, is under siege from Eldrazi threatening to destroy everything.
  9. Home to incredible mana rings, this plane is in constant war and turmoil.
  10. This plane is an orderly, sunlit kingdom where conflicts are settled by champions in one-on-one combat.

Art by Chase Stone

  1. Theros, Gideon
  2. Dominaria, Liliana
  3. Lorwyn/Shadowmoor, Nissa
  4. Ravnica, Jace
  5. Kaladesh, Chandra
  6. Innistrad, Liliana
  7. Regatha, Chandra
  8. Zendikar, Nissa
  9. Vryn, Jace
  10. Bant, Gideon

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