June 25, 2015

The Origins of Pain


The lands so nice we printed them twice. . . in a row.

Filed under the "if it isn’t broke. . ." slot for the final core set is the rare cycle of multi-color producing lands that are returning from Magic 2015: the enemy-color pain lands.

For those who are just joining us ("us" being the Magic-playing community. Welcome! There’s cake.), the enemy-color pain lands made their debut in Apocalypse. They finished out the larger cycle of pain lands that were originally printed in Ice Age, which were made up of allied-color pairings. These types of lands are best when put into aggressive decks that want their lands to come into play untapped and also don’t care much about their life total.

So leave your Caves of Koilos in their sleeves, everyone. They aren’t going anywhere for a while.

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