June 08, 2015

Standard Boss Impact Sligh


Tom Ross, Standard Super League competitor, is known for playing aggressive red decks and today's deck is one of his latest creations. Tom piloted this Impact Sligh list during week four of the League.

If you have been playing Magic for less than ten years, it's possible that you have never heard of the Sligh archetype. Sligh decks usually refer to aggressive red decks that focus on having a tight mana curve of creatures and burn spells. The first Sligh deck was named after the player who first piloted the archetype back in 1996, Paul Sligh. Check out this article for a little history lesson on Sligh decks.

As you can see, Tom's deck stays true to the Sligh archetype. He is playing a whopping fourteen one-mana creatures, which gives him great odds of having his a play on turn one. He has lots of things to do higher up the curve as well, including casting efficient burn spells like Stoke the Flames.

Impact Tremors is really the card that ties everything together. Red decks are known for running out of things to do in the late game, and Impact Tremors is a good way to prevent that by providing recurring damage. While it's excellent with the token-producing spells in the deck, what really makes this card shine is its synergy with dash creatures. If you are staring down an army of blockers, you can still dash in your creatures and not attack. Impact Tremors will deal your opponent damage for every creature you dash in and you can just repeat this process every turn. Your opponent will usually be under constant pressure and be unable to attack due to the threat of your haste creatures, buying you the time you need to draw into your burn spell to finish your opponent off.

Tom Ross’s Standard Boss Impact Sligh

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