June 03, 2015

Standard Bant Midrange


Green midrange decks have been popping all over the place. Today's Daily Deck is one of these green midrange decks with quite a few interesting choices. Rosettus Weeks piloted this list to the Top 8 of the TCGPlayer Diamond event in Flint, Michigan. Like in most green midrange decks, we see the usual suspects: Deathmist Raptor, Den Protector, and Whisperwood Elemental. We also see ramp creatures like Rattleclaw Mystic and Elvish Mystic.

In addition to green creatures, Rosettus's deck also revolves around Mastery of the Unseen. This deck plays a high morph count to get extra value out of the manifests. Usually when your opponent manifests a creature, you have a good idea of what it could be. It's pretty unlikely that it's going to be bigger than 4/4 (Whisperwood Elemental is usually the biggest creature in these decks). However, you could be in for a shock if that manifested creature is a Hornet Nest. Suddenly what looked like a lowly 2/2 is now a massive number of insect tokens with deathtouch! Stratus Dancer is another great choice for this deck. Opponents will have to think twice about casting that End Hostilities or Crux of Fate if they suspect a Stratus Dancer is face-down.

One of my favorite interactions in this deck is Hornet Nest and Dromoka's Command. If your opponent has a giant creature, just make them fight and you will suddenly have an army of insects. These insects also make any future fighting result in your favor, as you can fight one of your insects to kill any creature due to deathtouch.

Temur Sabertooth is a nice addition to this deck as well. It's a super-late-game card but it does a lot of work. This deck plays many of creatures that you wouldn't mind returning to your hand to recast for extra card advantage, like Den Protector and Stratus Dancer. It also saves your creatures from removal, provided you have the mana.

Rosettus Weeks’s Bant Midrange

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