June 29, 2015

Origins Basic Lands


It's become something of a preview weeks tradition to show off the basic lands of the latest set on the second Monday, and this preview season is no different.

But the lands we're previewing certainly are.

Every set's basic lands feature images that show off the setting, contain a few Easter eggs, and generally brush up our view of the world we're visiting. But we're visiting ten worlds in Origins, and—as a result—our basic land cards take us around the Multiverse.

Take, for example, Forest #272 from Origins. You can see its art here:

Forest | Art by Vincent Proce

For anyone who has been playing since Zendikar, that might look familiar. It's the exact same art that was used in this beauty:

Appropriately, Nissa's from Zendikar.

But we've also got some new worlds depicted on basic lands. For example, this basic Island by Jung Park is from Vryn, Jace's home world.

Island | Art by Jung Park

You can see all ten worlds across the basic lands, letting you traverse the Multiverse. Here, then, is every basic land in Origins.

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