June 17, 2015

Moving, RPTQs Approaching, and More


Hey everyone. This week we've got a relatively short update regarding where this column will be, starting next week. We'll also go over what to expect at next weekend's Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar, this weekend's upcoming GPs, and—of course—the Flashback, featuring a ton of Modern decklists from last weekend's coverage.

First up…

We're Moving!

Organized Play on DailyMTG.com is undergoing some changes, starting next week.

You'll be able to catch this column every Friday, starting next week, alongside an illustrious crew of Pro Tour mainstays such as Brian David-Marshall with The Week That Was, and Luis Scott-Vargas with Top Decks. Friday is your day for Organized Play articles!

In addition to that, my weekly Viewing Guide—which has run on Fridays—will be consolidated into each week's Organized Play. Now you only need to check out one article each week for OP updates, coverage highlights, and video start times for Magic's weekly video content on Twitch.

Regionals Approaching!

Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar are fast approaching. The format for next weekend's RPTQs is Dragons of Tarkir Sealed Deck. So if you're going, brush up on your Limited skills and get ready! The Top 4 finishers of any RPTQ with 128 or fewer players gets a travel award and an invitation to compete at Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar, which takes place October 16–18.

All players who participate in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier next weekend will not only receive a Liliana of the Veil promo card, but they'll also receive an exclusive deck box featuring the art from…

…well, Magic Origins. We can't actually show you the deck box, or the playmat that the Top 16 finishers of each RPTQ will receive, until next week. It may or may not be art featuring a very iconic character, and it may or may not be posted somewhere on the Interwebz next week.

That said, you can see the art for these exclusive items next Friday! And if you want a chance at exclusives such as the sweet, sweet deck box and Top 16 playmat we'll be revealing next week, then get yourself to a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier near you and qualify for the next round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers in a few months so that you don't miss out on an opportunity at things like the deck box, the promo card, and a chance at the Pro Tour!

Grand Prix Approaching!

While North America got its taste of Modern fun last weekend at Grand Prix Charlotte, Europe gets its chance with Grand Prix Copenhagen this weekend. As of four days ago, there were only 600 seats remaining in this Grand Prix main event, so if you want your seat in the two-day Modern bonanza—as well as your Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker playmat—sign up now!

Meanwhile, North America gets some Standard goodness with the main event at Grand Prix Providence this weekend. As diverse as Standard is right now, you certainly don't want to miss this one if you're looking for a weekend of Magic, right? So sign up now and maybe we'll see you in Providence this weekend!

The Flashback

Grand Prix Charlotte featured 2,870 players who brought an incredibly wide variety of deck archetypes to battle in the two-day main event. By the start of Day Two, 54 different decks were represented, and seven of the eight players in the Top 8 of this event were representing different archetypes.

By the end of the event, it was Michael Malone and his Elves that stood the strongest, powered by a fast clock and the raw power of Dragons of Tarkir Modern hit, Collected Company.

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Over the Moon—Reporter Corbin Hosler discusses the prevalence of decks like Amulet Bloom, and how the shift to these powerful land-based strategies has increased the importance of Blood Moon as a trump. (Decklists from Nam Sung Wook and Alexander Hayne are included!)

Modern History—Reporter Adam Styborski talks a bit about the history of Modern with the finalist of the first Modern Pro Tour: former player of the year Josh Utter-Leyton. (Decklist from Josh Utter-Leyton is included!)

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