June 19, 2015

Modern Grixis Control


Many professional players and content creators have claimed that control is dead in Modern. Control decks usually need early interaction backed up by ways to draw a mass amount of cards in order to succeed. Sphinx's Revelation is the closest spell we have that draws many cards, but it has a pretty high casting cost and requires two colors. The lack of card draw is what drives many players away from playing control decks in Modern.

Patrick Chapin proved those players wrong in Charlotte by taking his Grixis Control deck to a ninth place finish, only missing the Top 8 slot due to his tiebreakers. There is no mass card draw in his decklist, but there are an incredible number of cards that provide two-for-ones. If you trade one of your cards for two of your opponent's cards enough times, it really adds up. Patrick is playing spells like: Snapcaster Mage; Cryptic Command; Kolaghan's Command; Electrolyze; and Tasigur, the Golden Fang to provide small advantages that add up over time.

Another upside for this deck is the fact that all of Patrick's win conditions cost as little as one mana. In typical control decks, you have to play a draw-go game until you have enough lands on the battlefield to cast a large threat backed up by a counterspell. The delve mechanic allows you to cast large creatures at a heavily discounted rate. It was pretty fun watching Patrick cast Gurmag Angler on turn three in most games with the help of cards like Thought Scour and Serum Visions. It was even more fun watching his opponents try to remove that Gurmag Angler the next turn, only to be stopped by a Spell Snare or Dispel.

Patrick Chapin’s Grixis Control

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