June 02, 2015

Legacy Lands


When I first started playing Standard, one card that always intrigued me was Gamble. Demonic Tutor was banned in Standard and I couldn't get a Vampiric Tutor, so Gamble was the next best thing if I wanted to search my deck for a specific card. It was only one mana, it didn't cost you any life, and if you had a handful of cards there was a pretty good chance that you could actually keep the card you tutored for!

David Long's Lands deck also plays Gamble, but he uses it in a different way than I did when it was legal in Standard. If you take a look at his decklist you may have a hard time figuring out what he's trying to do. He has no creatures and his deck is mostly lands.

David's game plan is to gain card advantage with his lands and Life from the Loam. His main win condition is Dark Depths combined with Thespian's Stage (copy the Dark Depths, it will have zero counters and is sacrificed, and you put a 20/20 Marit Lage into play). He uses tutors like Gamble and Crop Rotation to find the combo pieces he needs, and the cool part about Gamble is that you don't care if the card you search for gets discarded. You can just get the land or the Life from the Loam right back to your hand from your graveyard (just watch out for Rest in Peace).

This deck also plays a lot of cool utility lands to get you out of tough spots. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale deals with creatures, Glacial Chasm stops damage, and Wasteland can lock your opponent out of the game. The deck is pretty fun to play and has so much inevitability. Even if your opponent deals with your Marit Lage, it's only a matter of time before it comes right back with your land recursion.

David Long’s Lands

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