June 30, 2015

July through September FNM Promo Update


After two months of Modern staples as Friday Night Magic promos, September returns us to the world of Standard with a new promo from Dragons of Tarkir. First, let's start with those two major Modern months.


Participate in an FNM in July, and you might just walk away with one of the best removal spells ever printed. Path to Exile is a near-universal staple in Modern, and July will grant you an opportunity to stand out further from the pack with this new version—now featuring art from Raf Sarmento.

Path to Exile Promo | Art by Raf Sarmento


Do you see? Do you see? Your vision of the future will be 20/20 come August, when Serum Visions—with art by Dan Scott—comes to an FNM near you.

Serum Visions Promo | Art by Dan Scott


The trip back to Standard will be softened with this sturdy Bird Monk, Orator of Ojutai—the Dragoniest Wall of Omens ever. You'll be able to get your copy come September, whether you choose to employ Dragons or some other inferior creatures to do so.

Orator of Ojutai Promo | Art by David Gaillet

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