June 01, 2015

Grand Prix Chiba Photo Essay


With the largest Grand Prix in Japan's history, the fastest main event of a Grand Prix to sell out, and thousands of the most passionate Magic players from all over the world, Grand Prix Chiba set a standard for what to expect from Modern Masters Weekend. The Japanese Magic community is a particularly passionate bunch, seen through their memorable antics, painstaking time spent on customization to make Magic their own, and attention to detail.

We've visited some of the finest photos to be captured over the course of the three days. These shots all showcase the passion, love, and excitement that the Japanese community—as well as the visiting travelers who came in from nearby countries or far-off continents—exhibited during Modern Masters Weekend.

While packs of Modern Masters 2015 Edition may have been a good excuse for many to come to Grand Prix Chiba this weekend…

...despite it being a very good reason to come to one of these events…

…it wasn't the only reason people were here. Magic, for many, has brought people together. It has sparked friendship, passion, and dedication.

Contrary to cherry blossoms, bitter blossoms are always blooming here this weekend. Passion unbound.

Plenty of players arrived today and found themselves in possession of souvenirs to commemorate their participation in Modern Masters Weekend.

Friends arrived together, ready to play on Friday.

Friends arrived together, ready to line up for Saturday's epic main event.

lots of friends.

The players, thousands of them, filter down the stairs and towards the main event tables…

…as the hall fills up to capacity.

The player seating went up shortly after 9 a.m., as players gather around to see where they need to sit down.

Commentators, at the ready, to cover the first round of the main event.

Lots of these got opened on Saturday.

Players with a storied history in the game were here for the main event…

…while the next generation got a sampling of the Grand Prix experience.

The Japanese take their dedication to the costume craft very seriously.

It shows. The cosplay here this weekend featured some of the best I've ever seen.

The Grand Prix wasn't simply all about the main event. Newcomers and Pro Tour finalists took part in some fun alternative events. Sushi draft, anybody?

The 3,551 player main event ultimate became 8 as Sunday evening paved way for the Top 8 draft…

…where Yuku Matsumoto, who started playing Magic with Scars of Mirrodin, took home the trophy. Congratulations to Matsumoto on being crowned Grand Prix Chiba's Modern master.

However, perhaps even more memorable than a sushi draft, or the Top 8…

…Grand Prix Chiba, and Modern Masters Weekend, will hold some very special memories for a few.

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