June 24, 2015

Dave Marsee's Chromatic Devastators


Dave Marsee is a Senior User Experience Designer in Magic R&D, and spends most of his time making Magic Duels the best game it can be. One interesting thing about Dave is that when he started working at Wizards of the Coast six years ago, he didn't know how to play Magic. He was a quick learner, however, and today his knowledge is so deep that he teaches the game to new players—including his young children.

One of Dave's sons enjoyed playing preconstructed decks, and his favorite one was the Planechase 2012 deck "Chaos Reigns." It was the best deck he had, and he enjoyed beating his dad with it. When Dave asked his son what he wanted for his ninth birthday, the answer came immediately: "a five-color deck." In Dave's words, "his favorite cards were the gold ones, because they were so powerful (compared to the converted mana cost). I told him he might sometimes not get the colors he needed, but that didn't concern him. He felt like he was the master of five colors."

Dave built a five-color deck for his son, who loved it. It's now his go-to deck for battling with his friends in their 60-card freeform format. His favorite card is Fusion Elemental, because it's an 8/8 creature for only 5 mana. Plus, it's all five colors of his deck!

His most recent addition to the deck is Quicksilver Amulet. It's great in this deck, because it helps him get out any creature he wants without having to meet the mana requirements.

Looking at this deck list really takes me back to when I first started playing. There was so much exploration and discovery back then. Opening a booster pack was like finding treasure, and I enjoyed learning about new cards and figuring out what cards I could put into my decks. It's fantastic that similar experiences are still happening with young players today. Thanks for sharing your story, Dave!

Dave Marsee's Chromatic Devastators

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