May 12, 2015

The Twinning End


Combo decks run rampant in Modern. Despite the extensive banned list, the Modern card pool is so deep that you can pretty much do anything. The deck we're featuring today plays two completely different combos. You may have heard of Living End and Splinter Twin, but Colten Anderon's Twinning End deck from the SCG Premier IQ in Portland is playing both.

There are many benefits to playing a deck that can win in two different ways. The main reason is that your opponent won't know how to interact with you. Should they play creature removal for Deceiver Exarch? How about graveyard hate for Living End? Whatever they decide to do, it's very unlikely that they'll have a way to stop both of your combos. Having a Plan B is always beneficial when you're playing a combo deck.

Living End decks are always interesting to me because you can't play anything with a converted mana cost less than 3. If you play inexpensive spells, you run the risk of cascading into those spells instead of your Living End. Given that Deceiver Exarch costs three and Splinter Twin costs four, playing this combo seems like a perfect fit. Your game plan is to cycle creatures early to draw into your Splinter Twin combo. If your opponent has removal for your Exarch, you can cascade into Living End and get your Exarch right back onto the battlefield!

One thing that I think is really cool about Modern is that the mana bases are so strong that you can play as many colors as you want. If you don't mind losing 3 life per land drop (1 for a fetch land, 2 for a shock land), playing a four-color deck with heavy mana requirements such as this one is very feasible. Twisted Abomination helps a lot in finding lands, as it finds any swamp card, such as Blood Crypt or Watery Grave.

Colten Anderson’s Twinning End

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