May 13, 2015

Resolutely Green


Mono-Green Aggro was definitely not a deck I expected to see in the Top 8 of SCG Portland. When I was on the Pro Tour last year, my teammates from Team Revolution and I tested a lot of mono-green, but we concluded that the deck wasn't good enough to bring to the Pro Tour. We really liked Aspect of Hydra. To us it was a spell that could deal 3 to 8 damage and sometimes more! That's a lot for only one green mana.

With four copies of Aspect of Hydra and nearly every creature with GG in their mana cost, this deck can hit pretty hard. Become Immense is another great spell that is capable of dealing 6 extra damage for only one mana. Steve plays eight fetch lands in his list. While these lands are only capable of searching out Forests, they fuel your graveyard to help cast Become Immense for less mana.

This deck also plays the powerful combination of Deathmist Raptor and Den Protector. Deathmist Raptor is already efficiently costed at three mana and, once it's dealt with, it has a pretty good chance of coming back via Den Protector. If you draw two Den Protectors, one can return the other, allowing you to return Deathmist Raptor to the battlefield every turn. Den Protector is a great utility card and works great with Aspect of Hydra, allowing you to potentially cast it twice in the same turn.

My favorite card in the deck however is Avatar of the Resolute. We played a decent amount of this card in our FFL (Future Future League, our internal Standard league) and I was always impressed at how good it was. Many players tend to forget that this guy has reach. Most of the time it can block and trade with 4-toughness Dragons such as Dragonlord Ojutai and Thunderbreak Regent.

Steve Girdner’s Mono-Green Aggro

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