May 08, 2015

PAX Prime


PAX Prime doesn't start till August 28, but it's already time to get excited.

This year's PAX Prime is going to feature a whole new approach for Magic, and a host of new events.

The biggest, of course, is that the World Championship—the pinnacle of Magic achievement—will be held at PAX Prime. And if you have a badge, you can be there for every moment, every twist and turn, right up until the final turn.

Additionally, we'll have a multitude of play opportunities, our Magic panel (where we might reveal a few secrets about Battle for Zendikar ), and the ever popular Magic PAX Party, where we'll celebrate all that is Magic…and maybe boogie down for a song or seven.

How will we fit all of this awesome in to a single PAX?

We're taking over the Annex.

This year, for the first time, all of Magic's activities are going to take place in one…well…place. We've used the Annex before as a play location for Magic, but this year we're expanding to make the Annex the central hub for all that is Magic. That means the World Championships, the party, the panel, absolutely everything will take place in the Annex this year. That does mean we won't have a booth in any of the halls, but it also means you'll have one stop for all your Magic wants and, yes, needs at PAX Prime this year.

So if you want to be part of all the action August 28–31 in Seattle, head over to the PAX site for more information.

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