May 05, 2015

Modern Multiverse Quiz


Before you get too excited, there are no preview cards in this Arcana.

Good, now that 98.3 percent of our audience has left (it's math), only the true quiz lovers are left to take this Modern Multiverse quiz!

Here's the game. I'm going to list some Multiverse comments from some well-known Modern-legal cards, and you guess what card the comments are discussing. It's that easy! Or, rather, that incredibly difficult, depending on how hard you find the quiz.

Again, I want to emphasize that cards in this quiz are not necessarily slated for Modern Masters 2015 Edition. They're also not not-slated. They just kind of exist in this quasi, non-preview quiz vacuum from which no previews occur.

Now, on to the quiz!

  1. DH 4/15: May still need "exile target non-Angel creature you control" if we care about three-card infinite loops.
    DH 4/16: Putting in that change now to see what ire it draws. Angels should save other folks anyhow…

  2. EVL 6/8: Kills a Baneslayer for one mana. Hot!
    AF 6/12: Was uncommon. Needed to make room for new Ostracize.
    AF 6/17: Back to uncommon.

  3. ZH 1/19: This card is supposed to have flash, based on my conversations with Tiago; I assumed it had flash from the beginning.

  4. BS 1/12: Interesting with splice.

  5. AF 8/22: Now a 4/4 Dodecapod.
    Del 8/28: Matching Dodecapod template, which doesn't let the creature hit the graveyard.

  6. AF 7/28: 3 life to 2.

  7. Del 11/19: Awkward that the best play with Auras and Equipment is to split them from the permanents they're attached to, but I don't see an easy fix to that.

Noble Hierarch | Art by Mark Zug


  1. Restoration Angel
  2. Dismember
  3. Snapcaster Mage
  4. Lava Spike
  5. Wilt-Leaf Liege
  6. Kitchen Finks
  7. Liliana of the Veil

How'd you do?

7 correct: Modern Master!

5-6: Modern Maven

3-4: Multiverse Medium

1-2: Mostly Missed

0: Must make more Modern moves and maybe make Modern Masters more…important? I ran out of "M" words. Study up. Do better next time!

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