May 29, 2015

Modern Death Cloud


Today's deck is a throwback to a deck that I used to play in the now-retired Extended format. I have always enjoyed playing Death Cloud decks, but the versions I used to play usually had Life from the Loam, Raven's Crime, and Worm Harvest. My deck took forever to win, but once it was in a winning position it was really hard to stop.

Ozmanozguney's Modern version of Death Cloud is a little more efficient than my old Extended deck. Instead of the painfully slow retrace spells, he opted to play ramp spells like Utopia Sprawl and Garruk Wildspeaker (yes, Garruk acts as a ramp spell in this deck), as well as Kitchen Finks, a creature that sticks around after a Death Cloud resolves. Eternal Witness is another great choice for the deck. You don't care if you have to sacrifice it to Death Cloud because it already netted you a card.

Planeswalkers have some great synergy with Death Cloud and I certainly would have played them in my Death Cloud deck had they existed. Planeswalkers stay on the battlefield after you've cast your Death Cloud and depleted all of your resources. They provide you card advantage and value while you and your opponent are recovering after Death Cloud.

I gave this list a spin on Magic Online and I found it amusing that I barely even cast Death Cloud in my games. The deck is robust enough to stand up on its own to any Modern deck. It plays solid removal and discard spells to stop the opponent from being proactive, and also has plenty of creatures to beat down with. Grave Titan and Thragtusk are surprisingly hard to deal with. It's still nice to have a reset button if you need one but it's pretty cool to be able to win easily without one.

Ozmanozguney’s Death Cloud

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