May 01, 2015

Mike Flores’s Mono-Blue Dragon Control


The results from last weekend's Regional PTQs are in and the most interesting deck that I've seen so far is a Dragon Control deck that Mike Flores piloted to a Top 4 finish in West Valley City, Utah. This deck is different from anything we've seen so far in Standard, and it's also a deck that our FFL team (our internal Standard league) didn't have in our testing gauntlet. We've played lots of Dragonlords in our Standard decks and even played multiple Dragonlords in one deck, but we never tried a deck that had six different Dragons.

After processing how Mike came up with this list, it makes a lot of sense. There are two lands that can produce any color of mana to cast Dragon spells, so why not play as many Dragons as you can? Both Haven of the Spirit Dragon and Crucible of the Spirit Dragon provide you with some great utility. The Haven allows you to return Dragons that your opponent had previously dealt with back to your hand, and the Crucible allows you to cast Dragons much earlier in the game. Both of these lands do not restrict you to what colors of Dragons you can play in your deck, so there's no reason not to play the best ones that Dragons of Tarkir has to offer.

This deck reminds me of draw-go style decks from years ago. There was once a time when our Standard format had Counterspell, Mana Leak, Dismiss, and Rewind; and it wasn't uncommon to play a control deck with double-digit counterspells. It's pretty likely to keep up counters for most of the game while charging up your Crucible of the Spirit Dragon every turn. Then once you have enough storage counters, you can deploy your Dragon while still being able to protect it with Silumgar's Scorn, the perfect counterspell for this deck.

Mike Flores’s Monoblue Dragon Control

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