May 21, 2015

It's Elemental


Elementals make a comeback for Modern Masters 2015 Edition, and they remain as odd as ever. Thanks to the weird world that was Lorwyn, many Elementals in Modern Masters 2015 Edition have some of the strangest art around.

But those notions didn't spring fully formed from the minds of the artists, talented as they are. Each of these entities came, at least in part, from the art descriptions…some of which you'll find below!

And, for the record, Mirror Entity is totally an Elemental. And a Spirit. And whatever else you need it to be.

Horde of Notions | Art by Adam Rex

Horde of Notions

Color: All five colors!

Location: sunlit forest

Action: This creature represents a whole host of elementals in Lorwyn that appear and disappear like a surreal stampede of dream-beings. Show one large, strange creature leading the charge, with many others of every imaginable variety behind it. The overall impression should be that of a mad mixture of colors, shapes, and anatomies.

Focus: the host of elementals

Mood: A wild herd of ideas, fantasies, dreams

Notes: Not a flying creature.

Smokebraider | Art by Anthony S. Waters


Color: Red creature

Location: unimportant

Action: A Flamekin shaman strikes an elegant pose as he or she "sculpts" a flower shape from fire in the space between his/her hands. The petals of the flower are flames that burn in various colors—red, yellow, blue, green, and white, for example (like when you throw copper sulfate powder onto a fire).

Focus: the shaman

Mood: graceful, intense, artistic

Incandescent Soulstoke | Art by Todd Lockwood

Incandescent Soulstoke

Color: Red creature

Location: unimportant

Action: Show a Flamekin elemental leader and shaman (a "soulstoke") whose flame burns bright yellow—hotter than the standard. Small orbs of flame orbit around his body at the sternum level.

Focus: the elemental leader

Mood: Intense, worldwise, passionate

Mirror Entity | Art by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

Mirror Entity

Color: White creature

Location: unimportant

Action: This changeling's body has one or more flat planes on it with mirrored, reflective surfaces. The changeling has some crazy magic, too—nearby creatures reflected in the changeling's body-mirror(s) are turned into changelings temporarily! One changeling with some kind of mirrored body should be shown front and center, and behind/around it should be a bunch of other changelings standing around aimlessly, like lemmings or sneetches, all with same mirrored parts, all reflecting each other.

Focus: the changeling with the mirror in its body

Mood: The overall effect should be that of a reflection of a changeling bouncing around replicating itself.

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