May 07, 2015



The newest Magic set is named Dragons of Tarkir for a reason. Dragons are everywhere. Since the set's release we've seen many Dragon decks including Red-Green, Blue-Black, Esper, and even Mono-Blue. Today's deck is a different take on Dragons. Daniel Ward piloted a Black-Red Dragons deck to a Top 4 finish at an RPTQ last weekend and has quite a few interesting card choices in his list.

Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury is one of the more powerful dragons in Fate Reforged and I don't think it's seeing enough play in Standard. It acts as a recurring Lava Axe, dealing 5 damage to your opponent every turn. It gets better if you have other creatures in play and this deck is not short of them. Goblin Rabblemaster is one of red's best three-drops and has excellent synergy with Kolaghan. While it's pretty good on its own, the Rabblemaster and his Goblin friends can do a ton of damage while attacking with Kolaghan.

A major theme of this deck is haste. Between Goblin Rabblemaster, Stormbreath Dragon, and Kologhan, this deck can hit pretty hard; and opponents have to react on your turn quite a bit. While Thunderbreak Regent doesn't have haste, it usually deals damage right away if your opponent decides to react to it.

Kolaghan's Command is a perfect fit here as well. It's usually going to return one of your Dragons to your hand and deal 2 damage, and it has the added utility of forcing your opponent to discard a card at instant speed. While this may not seem very impressive, it's an excellent play to cast this during your opponents draw step when they previously had no cards in hand. If they drew a creature or sorcery, they will be forced to discard it before they have the chance to cast it. That's some pretty good value for only three mana!

Daniel Ward’s Black-Red Dragons

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