May 08, 2015

Blue Devotion


I never thought I'd sleeve up my Thassas or Master of Waves again after Nightveil Specter and Frostburn Weird rotated out of Standard last year. Achieving a high devotion count in blue was nearly impossible without solid creatures with UU in their casting cost. Shorecrasher Elemental from Dragons of Tarkir helped a lot, but the deck was still missing something. Nick Peternell found the missing piece of the puzzle in Collected Company last weekend at the SCG Open in Portland.

Collected Company does it all in this deck. Most of the time this card will simply pull two creatures out of your library, but there are some cool interactions with this card that you might miss. First, you can instantly turn on devotion for your Thassa, God of the Sea. Your opponent may innocently attack into your Thassa while you have no other devotion, but casting a Collected Company before blocks could give you a surprise 5/5 indestructible creature. Another cool thing that Collected Company can do is act as a counterspell. Silumgar Sorcerer can counter creatures when it enters the battlefield. On an empty board it will have to sac itself to exploit, but Collected Company can give you additional sacrifice fodder.

Frost Walker is a great choice for blue devotion decks. The format has been pretty slow with lots of expensive lands that come into play tapped, and it usually takes a few turns for your opponent to set up. A turn-two Frost Walker on the play can usually deal 8–12 damage before your opponent has a way to deal with it.

Blue-Green Devotion is different from any deck in Standard right now, and it was really fun watching Nick attack with a horde of Elemental tokens on stream. I'm really looking forward to giving this deck a try.

Nick Peternell’s Blue-Green Devotion

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