May 22, 2015

Be a Friday Night Magic Modern Master


Modern Masters 2015 Edition releases today, giving you the chance to become a Modern master at your local store starting with tonight's Friday Night Magic. Stores can start running events with the new set today, and with plenty of new version of many sought-after Modern all-stars entering the world, Modern Constructed has become more accessible than ever!

And on top of that, all next weekend, you will have the chance to make Magic history be tuning in to the Modern Masters Weekend coverage, all while playing with the brand new set.

Etched Champion | Art by Igor Kieryluk


Modern Masters 2015 Edition is more than a set filled with the all-starts of the Modern Magic era. It's also one epic drafting experience.

To participate, you'll need three Modern Masters 2015 Edition booster packs, some friends, and a few hours set aside for some fun. This set contains ten distinct archetypes built around the ten two-color combinations, and each archetype has its own distinctive play style as well as a representation of some of Magic's most memorable Draft archetypes from the sets these cards come from.

Experience Modern Masters like it was intended to be experienced. Grab some packs, some friends, and get drafting!


The brand new set comes out today, but that doesn't mean it's the only time to bust out the Modern fun!

Take part in Modern Masters Weekend, which takes place May 29–31 while the three Modern Masters 2015 Edition Limited Grand Prix take place in Chiba, Utrecht, and Las Vegas! Find a store near you that's broadcasting the round-the-clock coverage of all three Grand Prix that will take place next weekend. Hang out, play, watch, and have fun!

And when you do, show us the time you're having by using the hashtag #MakeMagicHistory on Twitter. Share us photos, videos, and more with this hashtag to take part in Modern Masters Weekend.

So head on out to a store, enjoy the new Modern Masters 2015 Edition set, and join us next weekend to help make xMagic history!

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