May 20, 2015

A New Coat of Paint for Modern Masters 2015 Edition


In Modern Masters, all of the cards are reprints, meaning you've probably seen many of these cards before—but I know you haven't seen all of these cards exactly as they are in this set! Modern Masters 2015 Edition features several pieces of brand new art, giving some old favorites exciting new face lifts.

  1. Daybreak Coronet

Daybreak Coronet | Art by Johannes Voss

This is Daybreak Coronet's first printing outside of the Future Sight frame. Since Future Sight, it has also found itself a new home: the enchantment-heavy plane of Theros, complete with a tasty piece of flavor text from Brimaz. I'm pretty sure the actual Coronet is the magical glowing energy in the picture, but I like to think it's that stylin' scarf the leonin is sporting. You do you, Mr. Leonin.

  1. Vendilion Clique

Vendilion Clique | Art by Willian Murai

A little piece of trivia: This is actually the third piece of artwork associated with Vendilion Clique. In 2011, Vendilion Clique received alternate art when it was printed as a Judge Foil. The mischievous trio is back again, brightly colored and ready to rain on your opponents' parades.

  1. Shadowmage Infiltrator

Shadowmage Infiltrator | Art by Tomasz Jedruszek

This was the card created by pro player and Magic Hall of Fame member Jon Finkel as his card for winning the 2000 Magic Invitational. As with all Invitational cards, the previous art Shadowmage Infiltrator featured the likeness of the player who designed it.

  1. Pillory of the Sleepless

Pillory of the Sleepless | Art by Marc Simonetti

Nothing clever to say here. This art is just fantastic. It's always fun to see a new piece of art for a card that still harkens back to the original, but with strong changes that make it uniquely its own. The shift in camera angle from head-on to a more dynamic pose, the evolution to a shadowy haze holding the figure under lock and key…it's all pretty sweet.

What's your favorite art from Modern Masters 2015 Edition?

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