April 16, 2015

RJHendricks's Assault Formation


I've always considered myself a Spike. I try to build competitive decks that give me an edge over my opponents. However, since I started working at Wizards I noticed that my playstyle has begun to evolve, and I'm now much more Johnny-like. Since building decks to test with is part of my job, I now look for interesting build-around-me cards and try to build competitive Standard decks with them.

One of the new cards that piqued my interest was Assault Formation. Doran, the Siege Tower was a card that I always enjoyed playing, and this was practically the same thing except now your walls can attack! How cool is that?

RJHendricks also had this idea and built an innovative Wall deck around the new Dragons of Tarkir card Assault Formation. His idea worked and he piloted his deck to a 4-0 finish in a Magic Online Daily Event. On the surface, it looks sort of like an Abzan Reanimator deck—with Commune with the Gods, Satyr Wayfinders, and Siege Rhinos. Then you see all the walls and may wonder what's going on. Assault Formation makes all of these 0/4 creatures hit really hard, turning them into, essentially, 4/4s. The best part about Assault Formation is the look on your opponent's face when you cast it and begin attacking with walls!

This deck isn't very effective if it doesn't draw Assault Formation, so RJHendricks is playing another win condition in his deck. The deck plays a lot of ways to mill cards into your graveyard. When your graveyard is full enough; Rally the Ancestors combined with Purphoros, God of the Forge; can deal an absurd amount of damage to your opponent. Rally also works nicely with Wall of Mulch. You can sacrifice your walls to draw cards, helping you dig to your Purphoros while also filling up your graveyard for a gigantic Rally.

RJHendricks's Assault Formation

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