April 06, 2015

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Stats Preparation


It's that time of the season again, as Paul Jordan—otherwise known to the Internets as @magicPJ, or the Magic Stat Guy—fires up his Pro Tour stat machine and starts flooding the Twitterverse with Pro Tour factoids like this:

I'll give you a moment—and some space—to register your guess.

Go ahead, write it down. I'll wait.


Or, as Rich Hagon would say "Mar-tin Yoo-zah!"

This factoid is from March, but Paul has already started his flood of Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir tweets. It's the best, easiest way to find out the top Limited win percentage among pros over the last decade, or who has the highest Standard win percentage (Brad Nelson).

Do you want answers? Then @magicPJ has them.

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