April 27, 2015

Meet the Weatherlight Crew


It's Tempest Remastered Week, so all week you're going to be hearing quite a bit about the cards in Tempest Block. But while the trip down memory lane is welcome for older players, it's quite possible that newer players will scratch their heads a bit at some of the story references on many of the cards. You see, Tempest Block followed the Weatherlight crew as they fought their way through an artificial plane called Rath, which would later be used as sort of a staging ground for the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria.

If none of that sounds terribly familiar, that's ok. The Weatherlight Saga spans years of different Magic sets and gets quite complicated with Urza, time travel, mana batteries, and Legacy Weapons getting involved. For now, let's just talk about some of the characters you'll meet in Tempest Remastered who were, for at least some time, the crew of the good flying ship Weatherlight, a ship that was capable of moving between planes.

Gerrard Capshen

The arguable hero of the Weatherlight Saga, Gerrard was a swashbuckling, square-jawed leader type who was the end result of Urza trying to create the hero the multiverse needed through a breeding program. Gerrard occasionally captained the Weatherlight, but just as occasionally tried to duck his destiny. He didn't get his first legendary creature card until Apocalypse, but you can see him in the art of cards like Gerrard's Battle Cry and Recycle.


Captain of the Weatherlight. Despite her important position, she didn't get her own card until Invasion. Sisay isn't terribly present in Tempest Block because the whole point of the trip to Rath was to rescue Sisay. The rescue attempt was successful and Sisay went on to play a big role after the Weatherlight left Rath.


Hanna was the navigator for the Weatherlight and a love interest for Gerrard. She mostly shows up in flavor text and art in Tempest Block.


Tangarth was a minotaur and the first mate of the Weatherlight. Tangarth is captured and tortured while the crew is in Rath, leading to his disfigurement. That's him after being tortured on Seething Anger.


Ertai was the ship's wizard. He got his own legendary card in Exodus, but would end up trapped on Rath, leading to his corruption.


The Planeswalker we all know and love started out as a golem created by Urza and the engineer of the Weatherlight. He was also a pacifist, hence his place on the card Pacifism. Karn was an important part of Urza's plan, but didn't get his own card till later. Still, that's him on Skyshaper and several other cards.


The Weatherlight's healer, Orim ended up with a pretty happy ending, compared to most of the crew. She was a key player in Mercadian Masques, and helped save the crew there. She eventually returned to Mercadia to be with her love, Cho-Manno.

Mirri and Crovax

These two were soldiers on the ship, but met unfortunate fates. Mirri died more or less to save Gerrard. Crovax had a family curse realized and was corrupted.


The cabin boy—or cabin goblin, if you will—Squee would become more important later on, but for most of Tempest Block, he was comic relief. That's him serving soup to Gerrard on Recycle.

Starke il-Vec

The traitor. Starke was the one who betrayed Sisay to Volrath. It turned out he was doing so to protect his daughter Takara. As we find out in the story of Mercadian Masques, he failed miserably to do so.

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