April 08, 2015

Looking Closer at Dragons of Tarkir Premium Foil Cards


Well hello there! I haven't done an Arcana in almost a year! But here I am, back in the saddle, pinch-hitting while Blake is en-route to Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir in Brussels. For today's Arcana I am going back to one of my favorites for each set: showing off the foil under-layers of cards!

The way we produce the shiny premium cards, aka foil cards, you sometimes find in your booster packs is to include an additional layer which adds the reflective ink. To do this we create a special graphic which tells the printer where to put the reflective ink. Then we print the other stuff on top of it, allowing for different layers of shininess.

I forced myself to take on the arduous task of looking through Dragons of Tarkir and I went through and picked a handful of cards to show off the under-layers. I purposefully picked a variety of cards and colors to give you all a wide range of foil-y goodness.

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