April 03, 2015

David Long's Lands SCG Premier IQ—Baltimore


The other day, I introduced a deck with only one land. However, today's deck is the opposite. How would you like to play with a deck full of lands?

The deck's name is Lands. The numbers of lands have gone down but there still are 34. A whopping 55% of the deck is lands, and most of the other cards also have to do with lands.

Lands used to be a grindy control deck, but a certain rule change put it squarely in the combo arena. More on that in a moment.

Lands' basic idea is "who needs spells when you can continuously play lands with abilities equivalent to spells?" For example, Wasteland and Crucible of Worlds can form a virtual lock in a format with so many nonbasic lands.

Ordinarily, decks require spells and lands to cast those spells. This deck shows strength in that it fulfils both roles with lands.

Of course it still uses some spells.

Life from the Loam can reuse lands, Crop Rotation to search for a specific land, and Exploration and Manabond can break Lands' weak point of only being able to play one land per turn.

It also plays the Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows combination and Gamble, which can search up anything.

Last but not least, the deck has Dark Depth and Thespian's Stage, a combo made possible with the latest change to the legend rule, the rule that moved this deck over to combo.

Today's rule lets you copy the Depth with the Stage and you can then choose to keep the copy. There are no ice counters on it, so you get a Marit Lage token. Simple huh?

David Long's Lands SCG Premier IQ—Baltimore

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