April 21, 2015

Andrew Ohlschwager’s Dragon Control


We saw a couple of different control decks in the Top 8 of Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir but the one that caught my attention the most was Andrew Ohlschwager's take on it. What's different about his version is that he plays four different Dragons (well, five if you count Ugin) and a play set of Silumgar's Scorn to go with them.

The most interesting Dragon in the list is Icefall Regent. We all know that legendary Dragons are going to be good in Standard, but Icefall Regent is much harder to evaluate. Similar to Dungeon Geists, this guy locks down one of your opponent's creatures as long as it remains in play. It's also pretty hard to remove from the battlefield because your opponent's spells that target it are more expensive. While for most decks it's just a little annoying, if you're playing against an aggressive deck with a low land-count it's pretty awkward for them to remove.

Icefall Regent is only one color and therefore fits into lots more decks than just Blue-Black. I wouldn't be surprised if we see different decks that make use of this card going forward, such as Blue-Red or Jeskai Control, or even something like Blue-Green Tempo.

The other thing I like about this deck is that it plays 4 copies of Silumgar's Scorn. When I started working Wizards of the Coast and read the Dragons of Tarkir file, this was the card I was most excited to build a deck with. With eight Dragons in Andrew's build, there's a really good chance that this spell is a hard counter. Back when Counterspell was in Standard, players always feared two untapped Islands on the other side of the table. Counterspell hasn't been legal in years and newer players have never experienced this fear. It's pretty cool that we can put our opponents through that anxiety again.

Andrew Ohlschwager’s Dragon Control

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