March 29, 2015

War of Wonders - New Preview


War of Wonders presents their Japanese Crimson Dragons and a preview of the background:

In the Ardennes forest, a team of US Rangers storms a German scientific base in which the infamous Dr. Nachtmahr is working on unholy experiments that will allow him to turn the bodies of dead soldiers in flesh and steel hybrids: mindless zombies eternally faithful to the Reich. The US soldiers are lead by the brave The Flag. The Allied Forces headquarters are expecting heavy resistance around the base and chose to support him with the Natural Prodigy Firefly and Steelbullet in his Grizzly armor.

To oppose them, the Nazi set a two-layer defense line around the strategic base: the Wehrmacht and a full squad of Arischer Korps lead by Brunhild along with the most dreadful German Meta-Humans: the monstrous Fenrir and the terrifying Todes Maske, who is able to summon the very flames of Hell thanks to his magical Crystal Skull.

Battle can't be avoided, and there will be no mercy. Who will win the War of Wonders?

Link: War of Wonders

from Tabletop Fix


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